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Alexa & Wale’s vibrant Nigerian engagement and minimalist Unitarian nerdfest

You may recognize this pair from Alexa’s Nigerian engagement ceremony bridentity crisis, and we just had to see how it all turned out. It’s a two-ceremony mega-mash of Nigerian and American culture including handmade geles (Nigerian head wraps), geeky details, a sweet candle ceremony, and some flubbed vows that are too funny to miss.

A steampunk soiree with an amazingly detailed cake

Jenny from Moondance Photography may have been new to steampunk before photographing this wedding, but she got schooled! Victorian science fiction meets cyber punk is not something to be forgotten once you’ve experienced it. There were gears on the shoes and in the boutinnieres, top hats, vintage decor, and a steampunk cake with more details than you can imagine.

We won a radio contest: Juli & John’s White Castle wedding

This wedding was in a White Castle… because the bride and groom won a radio contest! What else needs to be said??

Alissa & Eric’s post-punk playground party wedding

Alissa proposed to Eric and they had a Jewish ceremony at the request of Alissa’s mother. The wedding site had a ball pit and a hidden, full-size helicopter. Read on and find the helicopter!

Sarah’s green budget wedding in St. Louis

The offbeat bride: Sarah, barista My offbeat groom: Josh, architecture student Location & date of wedding: County park in St. Louis, MO (May 20th, 2007) What made our wedding offbeat: I know “green” weddings are quite popular on the coasts, but here in the Midwest, people were stunned. We did our best, on our budget, […]