Mimie & Galo's weird and wonderful Wonderland wedding

Two introverts in love, a little Alice in Wonderland decor, and surprise vintage-turned-modern style totally makes this Philippines wedding a super sweet sight to behold. Just wait until you see how the groom thwarted all those "glass-clinking" requests at the ceremony. Oh, and don't miss the cake/water feature at the reception!


Jay & Pepe's rural crafty New Zealand wedding

We heart this casual New Zealand wedding with lawn games, lots o' kids, and even more paper flowers. Plus, you'll love the groom's skull ring, the bride's retro dress, and their sweet favorite moment. And just wait until you see how they almost missed their officiant at the ceremony!


Jessica & Michael's tiny Vegas military wedding

This pair chose a sleek Las Vegas hotel suite as the venue for their intimate wedding. Some Portal and Mass Effect details, a super sexy burgundy gown, and even a surprise tuxedo shirt were some of the awesome details that made this wedding all their own. Plus, you'll love the bride's favorite moment (spoiler: it's before the wedding!).


Maryska & Chris' lanterns, lights, and top hats wedding

Fairy lights, lanterns instead of bouquets, and a shimmery platinum handmade gown to rival any on the red carpet — this wedding seriously glows. Plus, the pair's geeky sides came out with some Tolkien and Firefly details to keep things fun. But fun wasn't in short supply with the bride's funny ceremony snafu and their first dance collision!