Murphy & Deagle's monochromatic video games wedding

Black and white stripes, a sexy pin-up dress, long black gloves, and a groom in red — this wedding is very enticing. Add in all of the video game references (including in the vows!), and you've got the best combination of gamer geeks and total hotties. Don't miss the Mario centerpieces and the bride's swanky top hat and Batman ring!


Ruth & Kit's Scottish/American faux-hawks and kilts wedding

Oh, hello fabulous and colorful venue of our dreams. You're hosting a super elegant Scotland-meets-America wedding featuring a bride with a red faux-hawk and a slew of men in kilts? Oh, you do know what we like. Lots of DIY projects, origami bouquets, and amazing mural decor? Now you're just putting us on. Guess we'll have to just see it to believe it.


Ryan & Kesslan's rockin' rainbow weekend dance-fest

Color color everywhere and we get to take it all in! This adorable pair celebrated their love of bright colors, bandannas, and dancing at a chill retreat in Washington. With a cake decorating contest, a choreographed dance down the aisle, and super sweet speeches, it looks like a bright and colorful future is in store. Plus, you'll love how they officiated the ceremony themselves!


Danielle & Tony's sharks and dragons aquarium wedding

We love us some dragons… and sharks… and aquariums… and amazing purple and blue gowns — this wedding is killing it with style! Don't miss the sketch comedian officiants, the gorgeous venue, and the self-portrait guest book. And you'll definitely want to hear about the real origins of weddings starring none other than "Weddings Bartholemew!"


Laura & Michael's blue winter wedding in Brooklyn

A royal blue suit, a "cake inspector," a few DIY projects, and one of our favorite venues — this winter wedding in Brooklyn is all about easy-going awesomeness. Don't miss the fabric flower bouquet, mini flags, and tiny succulents. And you'll never guess what the groom used to break the glass at the ceremony!


Hannah & Mick's beach and bicycles Bali wedding

This gorgeous pair combined their love of bikes, the beaches of Uluwatu, Bali, and amazing handmade details into this flower-filled and super lovely beach wedding. Don't miss the bike-themed cupcakes, the awesome wedding party outfits (including a chic groom's girl), and fabulous reception dress!