Amanda & Eric's breakfast-for-dinner fun and games wedding

Breakfast-for-dinner is a concept we can totally get behind. Especially when it's backed up by DC comics Converse, Mad Libs, handmade pinwheels, an awesome poem written by the bride's brother, …oh, and donuts instead of cake! Just watch out for the little heartbreaker in the suspenders on the dance floor. He's irresistible.


Rachael & Chris' whimsical tea party wedding

Get your tea cups out, folks, we have an Alice theme going on! A fluffy blue dress, mix-your-own Italian soda bar, lawn games (with croquet, natch!), a goooorgeous garden, and a big ol' top hat brings it all together. Oh, and there's some keen advice on leaving your guests to their own devices when mixing up drinks. It can go awry.


Candace & Colin's music-meets-geeky budget Mennonite wedding

The bride was into craftts and music and the groom was a gamer geek — what else was there to do but combine it all into one awesome day? The only problem was a small budget. It's a good thing these two know how to throw a self-catered bash with cold munchies and a giant sweets table. Oh, and the bride's mom being talented enough to make a fab wedding dress sure didn't hurt, either.