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Kristen & Geoff’s offbeat lite vintage comic book wedding

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s Offbeat Bride’s comic book-clad and caped superhero theme week! Get in the telephone booth and change into your wedding-gawking superhero tights — you’re in for crime-fighting fun. Today we’ve got an offbeat lite celebration of all things vintage comic books. Think ring bearers in capes, superhero cufflinks, and even some sexy comic book leggings under the bride’s dress!

Holly & James’ handmade winter meditation on love

This wedding takes its direction from a desire to leave a small carbon footprint and to locally-source as much as possible. Having it in the state’s first Platinum LEED-certified building was definitely apropos. The homemade hula hoops, butternut squash soup, and folk music were icing on this Star Trek-topped cake.

Misty & Corbin’s historic and haunted Deadwood wedding extravaganza

Remember Misty’s epic red dress juxtaposed with Corbin’s casual outfit in the tuxedo alternatives post? Here’s the whole haunted, old west-style wedding WITH a peek at Misty’s fantabulous, vintage underthings!