Moody romance reigns at this creative wedding in Antigua, Guatemala

Joss and Mike are both artists, producer and designer respectively. Their love for music had brought them together and they both wanted a more artistic (and less traditional) wedding. Joss wanted natural and moody elements, too, like a rustic bouquet with flowers "as they appear in nature" (yes!), black candles, and an off-white dress contrasted with darker makeup. Mike rocked a burgundy suit that took it all to a whole other level.


The gods smile upon this ancient Greek inspired wedding in Punta Cana

Sasha and Masya said that when they met, it was love at first sight and it seemed like it had come straight out of ancient Greek mythology. So it made perfect sense to channel the gods in an ancient Greek ceremony pulling from modern Greek traditions. In terms of style, this is where the pair shined. Think transparent lace in Greek goddess style, a blue mohawk, lots of amazing ink, bare feet, bejeweled anklets, and a pleated white Greek-inspired skirt and white sandals on the groom.

A stunning countryside wedding in the south of Chile

Karren and Raúl live in Santiago but decided to travel to the south of Chile for their seriously gorgeous countryside wedding in Puerto Varas. It's 1000km from the capital, but it was well worth the trip. They brought their dickie-bowed dog to complete the family trip (and the pupper shots are epic).

Get ready for a tearful ceremony, an Instax guest book, catering I wish I could eat right now, tiny plant favors, and scenery that will make you want to teleport to Puerto Varas. Let's enjoy this stunning wedding…