Blue shoes, for weddings and other weird days

Over the past six weeks, I've been working my way through a rainbow of shoe colors. In my final week of working through the most basic spectrum, it's time to focus on blue shoes.

Blue shoes are actually not uncommon at all for weddings — lots of brides who are going for the "something old, something new" tradition use them as their "something blue." That said, I'm doubting the majority of brides would rock the loud-ass blue shoes I'm about to feature…


Paint your ring fingernail for your "something blue"

When in need of a "something blue," you don't have to look further than your fingertips. What better place to feature that little tradition than on your ring finger? Whitney wore a soft pink on the other nine fingers, but on that special digit a little blue went a long way.


Monday Montage: the something blue edition

Every monday we like to bring you the latest from our Offbeat Bride Flickr pool. Sometimes themes occur and this week is one of those times. I just couldn't help noticing all the funky blue details popping up in the queue! Check 'em out and be inspired…