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Are these handmade galaxy purses your new wedding bag or bridesmaid gift?

These out of this world galaxy purses are cosmic accessories or bridesmaid gifts

I cannot stop thinking of ways to gift these GORGEOUS handmade galaxy purses: for your bridesmaids, to hold instead of bouquets, to hold your makeup/lip gloss/tampons/whatever, your something blue(!).

They’d be perfect for a colorful wedding, sci-fi, space, or science-themed wedding, and any mystical theme. I pretty much just want to own all of them and think they’d make a lot of people flip their lids, so I’m sharing them.

Get creative with these (lightly NSFW) “something blue” options

Who here is doing the whole “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” thing? I was recently at a wedding where the bride just couldn’t figure out what to do for something blue. So let’s figure it out now!

From panties to NSFW hankies, here are some options for your something blue…

stylish and geeky shoe clips to make everyone do a double take

11 stylish and geeky shoe clips to make everyone do a double take at your feet

If you’re opting for a cheaper, more comfortable, or just more plain set of shoes for the wedding, you may want to up your game with a shoe clip.

We found some of the snazziest, goofiest, and most geeky shoe clips EVER to make your plain shoes look like a quirky flippin’ masterpiece.

We heart this hidden “something blue” David Bowie tribute

It was barely over a year ago that we all lost our beloved David Bowie. Thankfully, there are many epic tributes to keep us going paying our collective homage, including this amazing “something blue” wedding dress embroidery featuring the iconic line from “Rebel Rebel”: “Hot tramp, I love you so.”

I need to talk about my custom “something blue” Victorian Boots

When plain blue boots aren’t going to cut it because you need those absolutely perfect boots you saw online somewhere, it’s time to go looking for your “fairy godvendor” on Etsy so they can make them for you.
Here are the “something blue” Victorian boots I had made for my wedding.

The world’s most perfect blue wedding shoes? [Updated 2022!]

I’m not sure, but I think these might be the perfect blue wedding shoes… flats so you can walk? Check. Soft suede that feels amazing? Check. Blue for those of you going for the “something old, something new, etc etc” angle? Check. Ballet-influenced look? Check. But if these are not your style… we got other options for you!