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Wedding socks and heels = let's get this to be a THING

Fancy socks + heels: let’s get this to be a vintage-inspired THING

Socks and heels definitely aren’t new (cuffed ankle socks and t-straps are vintage gold!), but I wouldn’t say they’re common at weddings. I’ve been seeing some really gorgeous and glam socks that could take your wedding shoe game up a notch. The real secret, though, is that they’ll likely make your heels (or flats, oxfords, platforms, whateva) way more comfortable. I found a kick-ass selection of bedazzled, sequined, shiny, and totally formal (and not-so-formal) styles to pair with your wedding shoes.

The sweetest little wedding socks ever (that will save your feet!)

The sweetest little wedding socks ever (that will save your feet!)

Did you happen to see our roundup of cute tights recently? I got to thinking: what about those of us wearing dapper shoes, t-straps, or wedding boots who need a killer pair of wedding socks? That’s where this collection comes in. From knee-highs to ruffled ankle socks to sexy over-the-knee socks, there’s a pair for anyone in here.

Add some color to your wedding with rainbow socks

Add some color to your wedding with rainbow socks

When it comes to adding a little zing to your wedding (especially if you’re going a more traditional route), socks are one way you can go totally wild and still keep everything neutral otherwise. Or maybe your wedding is totally colorful and you want to make sure you’re staying true to your color theme from head to toe. Either way, these rainbow socks are the shit.

Wear rainbow socks to colorify your white wedding gown

If you’re looking for a way to bring a bit of color to your white wedding ensemble, pull on a pair of thigh-high rainbow socks like Emily did! We know lots of y’all love rainbows, and wearing socks is an easy way to add a swatch of color to your wedding outfit without adding drama.

Betsy & Seth’s unexpectedly steampunk DIYed handfasting

Put on your goggles and your neo-Victorian gear, because this is STEAMPUNK WEEK! Today we’ve got an unexpectedly steampunk wedding with pumpkin wine chillers, kilts, and a fabulous handfasting. Oh, and their favorite moment is one of those that will totally make you say “awww.”

Picture your entire wedding party in socks from Sock Dreams (plus win free socks)!

Have you seen awesome bridal parties rocking funky socks on Offbeat Bride and thought to yourself “Damn, that looks rad. I wonder where they got those socks?” If you’ve thought that about any one of these awesome weddings, the answer is: our sponsor Sock Dreams. From funky wedding socks to pretty lacy bridal stockings, check out the ways Sock Dreams wants to trick out all the feet on your wedding day…