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Emily & Aaron’s monochromatic DIYed wedding

The bride lives in black, so her dress totally had to incorporate the color. Add in her blue hair (her “something blue”), gorgeous black and white veil, their classic ride, and a tear-y groom, and you’ve got this gorgeous Aussie wedding with DIY details. Just wait until you see the groom at the beginning of the ceremony. Oh, and wait until you see how a five-year engagement helped them overcome a challenge.

Sarah & Bryan’s nerdy barn bash wedding

High fives all around for this wedding! They started with a mission statement of sorts, and stuck to it with style. From the canned preserves favors to the beverage tickets to the treat-before-you-seat, this couple made their guests feel welcome to their new family.

Pretty vintage wedding accessories: capelets, gloves, headpieces, and more!

I normally focus my Friday posts on alternative wedding shoes, today I think I’m going to spend some time with vintage wedding accessories.

Part of wanting to spend some time with them is just that the pictures are so dang pretty. I love this aesthetic… vintage-y, romantic, lovely. It’s just so dang pretty. 

Save money and time with Jalis Bridal’s wedding fashions & accessories

After working in the bridal industry for seven years, offbeat sponsor Lisa Sheets started Jalis Bridal all on her own, in order to help brides world-wide save money on their wedding attire. Jalis Bridal can now be your one-stop-shop for all your wedding fashion needs. And when I say “all” I mean a hell of a lot of stuff.

A wedding dress that belongs in the wild

Laura is a wilderness gal who lives in the woods of Ontario. Naturally, she wanted a dress that reflected her lifestyle: eco-friendly, unique and funky. Just wait until you see the details on what she wore…

Monday Montage: poofy pink dresses, babes in white and some silly storm troopers

Welcome to another edition of the Monday Montage. This week we have some fun and froofy pink dresses, ladies in white and some groovin’ groomsmen. P.S. Don’t forget to submit your photos to the pool. If you’re lucky, they might even end up on here.