"Colin Firth in a wet shirt" has nothing on this gorgeous, surprise Austenland-themed bridal shower

When Michelle asked me to be her Maid of Honor, I knew that the one thing I had to do was throw her a surprise Austenland-themed bridal shower — re-creating an outdoor tea party like the one depicted in the movie, complete with its mashup of vintage and modern contraptions. For all of us geeks who romanticize period films, here how you can throw your own Austenland bridal shower…


Cads About Matrimony is the ONLY wedding game you'll want to play (sorry, toilet paper dresses)

After seeing how popular the $5 print-it-yourself version was, Tribesmaid Ailea started a Kickstarter for a pro version, and (thanks in part to you guys) got fully funded! So now you can buy that sexy, sleek, box of wedding snark fun instead of having to find a working printer (because, if you're like me, that task is A LOT harder than planning a wedding). Let's take a peak inside the sexy sleek box from our sponsor Cads About Matrimony…


Who else thinks "sexy" wedding shower games are strange?

I'm not expecting a wedding shower this time around, and as a consequence, I am spared the bizarre rounds of public humiliation that pass on Pinterest as "shower games." Has anyone else noticed these games? And the number of them that circle around "naughty" ideas? I understand that some of these come from our socio-cultural anxiety surrounding the traditional fact that a wedding is when a virginal girl becomes a sexually experienced woman. But the "naughty party games" feel like a different thing… as if they're designed to be specifically humiliating.