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Unique and creative wedding shower ideas and games to save you from those boring same old wedding shower activities… tons of ideas for your couple’s showers, too!

Minglo aka Mingling Bingo – the easy game for wedding guests

An Offbeat Bride reader named Sandra recently wrote in to share the version of MINGLO aka Mingling Bingo that she did at her recent wedding, and we wanted to share it with those of y’all who might be looking for a fun game for wedding guests at YOUR weddings.

My daughter-in-law won’t let me throw a bridal shower for her!

Hi! I’m a mother of the groom, and I’ve been so excited to throw my future daughter-in-law a bridal shower! I’m so excited to introduce her to my friends in a quieter environment, and just have some good old fashioned fun. But she says she wants no bridal shower… I think she’s being really selfish. What should I do? -FMIL

Celebrate Harry's birthday today with a most magical Harry Potter party

The most magical Harry Potter bridal shower

On this day ins 1980, a wizard named Harry Potter was born. To honor his birthday, we’re sharing this MAGICAL Harry Potter bridal shower in Itasca, Illinois. Danielle and Gabe wanted to share their love of Harry Potter with their friends and family and they nailed it. Don’t miss the Hogwarts letter-inspired backdrop, golden chocolate snitches, and spooky magical greenery…

The trick to actually fun parties and showers is a wickedly funny game (with a NEW expansion!)

The trick to actually fun parties and showers is a wickedly funny game (with a NEW expansion!)

Our favorite wedding-themed game (that’s ACTUALLY fun!) is back with a whole new expansion and we couldn’t wait to test it out and share our thoughts. If you haven’t already experienced Cads About Matrimony, it’s just what it sounds like: a Cards Against Humanity-approved game but with hilarious wedding, sex, and marriage-themed cards…

Game of Thrones themed shower

We had a Game of Thrones themed shower with an actual Iron Throne!

I could not have been more surprised when, three months after my engagement to Elliott was announced, my usually traditional mom called me and said “How would you feel about a Game of Thrones themed shower?” Elliott and I love the show and we were eagerly awaiting the next season. I was jumping up and down ecstatically when I told her “YES!”

5 tips for hosting an introvert wedding shower

“The bride, other bridesmaid, and I are all introverts — one of us is on the spectrum, one of us has general/social anxiety, and one of us is both! As the maid of honor I want to plan the best wedding shower possible, however I don’t want it to be too strenuous. Can you please help me with some ideas to make the lead up to my friend’s wedding as enjoyable and memorable (for all the right reasons) as possible!” Yep! Here are some ways to host an introvert-friendly wedding shower…