Holly & Fernando's teeny tiny Harry Potter renaissance festival wedding

Only a few weeks to prepare, only room for 12 guests… how can they make this work?! Oh, they so did. The small guest list totally fit this introverted couple's preferences, and the intimate space amid the hustle and bustle of a renaissance fest was fabulously adorable. Add in some Harry Potter colors (Ravenclaws represent!), an "Always" necklace, and "Mischief Managed" rings, and you've got the recipe to brew up a love potion for us all.


Liz & David's last-minute beach elopement

We love this wedding because it is a total reality check: getting married across oceans is challenging, last-minute elopements can be super meaningful, and you don't have to believe the Pinterest hype. And you CAN beat the thunderstorms if you time it right! Come fall in love with this wedding and its beachy, bald eagle guest-goodness.


Tatica & Richzendy's Venezuelan gamer wedding

Ooh, our first wedding featured in Venezuela! And it couldn't be more awesome. The scenery is too die for (despite being the coldest part of the country), the hair and fashion is kick-ass, and the lightsaber cake-cutting is hilarious. It all took place where the Yavin 4 location was filmed for Star Wars IV. As it says, "Great events happened here on Yavin 4." Oh, and just wait until you hear what the priest kept doing at the ceremony!


A golden sunset wedding in Malibu

Monique was a soon-to-be mama and, along with partner Deronn, planned this fabulous party in only three months! They chose The Sunset Restaurant in Malibu, which totally highlights the shoreline (where they decided to have the ceremony!) and naturally, the luminous sunset. Talk about the Golden Hour — more like the Golden Entire Evening!


Kristen & Jet's zombie-infused Elvira-loving NYC Hallowedding

This one is going to be right on the money for you couples planning Halloween weddings right now. We've got two ladies celebrating their favorite holiday, a black ribbon veil, amazing black pumpkin bouquet, and of course, Central Park in New York City! Plus, they had The Reverend D (rad Offbeat Bride vendor) officiate dressed as ELVIRA! And there may have been a wedding crashing zombie in attendance as well.