Let's all gawk at Liz & Rev

I make a point not to over saturate Offbeat Bride with Seattle weddings, but every once and a while I see a wedding that I get all HOMETOWN REPRESENT! excited about and I just have to bask in the awesomeness of a good Pacific Northwest wedding.


Charla & Joel's casual, lakeside wedding

Charla & Joel got married at Joel's family reunion three months after getting engaged. They had a lovely, picturesque lakeside ceremony and then a vegetarian-friendly barbecue.


13 wedding dresses under $100

Part of being an Offbeat Bride is knowing that you don't HAVE to get your dress from a bridal boutique or a chain store and that it doesn't have to cost eleventy-thousand dollars. So to help you on your affordably offbeat dress hunt, here are 13 wedding dress options under $100…