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From proposing in front of shark tank, to shark-themed wedding invitations, and even a shark ring bearer! Jump feet first into the ocean of shark-themed wedding inspiration that awaits…

Have a shark as your ring bearer

Now that floating air sharks are a thing, they can totally be just THE thing to get your rings down the aisle in fin-tastic style.

How to make a watermelon shark punch bowl

Y’all may know how much I love sharks, so it’s no surprise that I flipped the fin out over this watermelon shark punch bowl. BerettaFleur (of hanging Mason jar fame) got the idea from the National Watermelon Appreciation Board (I know, right!).

New Jersey aquarium wedding with SHARKS from JPG Photography

Remember our sponsors JPG Photography? The Philadelphia-based photography team that brought us this naked-tastic wedding photo and Jess and Victor’s tattooed, vintage, punk wedding? Well, they’re back and they’ve brought SHARKS!

Megan & Aaron’s shark-tastic beach wedding

You might know Megan as the Managing Editor of Offbeat Bride. But do you know about her insane wedding to a shark-attack survivor!?