Sexypants: wedding bloomers and knickers (+ hot plus-size honeymoon outfits)

A few months back, I did a post about slightly sinister plus-size honeymoon lingerie and y'all seemed to like it. I figured I'd do another quicky post featuring some more undergarment gorgeousness, this time focusing on bloomers, knickers, and other sexypants.

Now, as the subject might suggest, this might not be a post to read at work. I mean, there's no bare boobs or anything, but there is some serious come-hither glancing going on. So, read the full post at your own peril.


Why "wedding porn"?

Since Offbeat Bride is a woman-friendly community, why do you call your wedding photography "porn"? My wedding pictures won't be pornographic. I have no problems with porn, it's useful, especially women porn (for women, by women). I'm a sex-positive feminist. But why do we participate in "wedding pornography?"