In the case of a sexless marriage…

We're barely in our thirties, but H and I are currently in a “sexless marriage” (defined as a couple who have sex “10 times a year or less”). I am writing this because I want other partners in similar situations to know that they aren't alone…


Who else thinks "sexy" wedding shower games are strange?

I'm not expecting a wedding shower this time around, and as a consequence, I am spared the bizarre rounds of public humiliation that pass on Pinterest as "shower games." Has anyone else noticed these games? And the number of them that circle around "naughty" ideas? I understand that some of these come from our socio-cultural anxiety surrounding the traditional fact that a wedding is when a virginal girl becomes a sexually experienced woman. But the "naughty party games" feel like a different thing… as if they're designed to be specifically humiliating.


I'm an asexual bride… Here's how my asexual marriage works

People who know me know that I've never had any interest in sex. So when my fiancee and I declared that we were getting hitched, we got a lot of strange looks and a lot of probing questions. We've had to make some compromises when it comes to sex and have finally settled into an arrangement that works for the both of us. But the question is continually posed, "If you don't like sex, why marry the guy? (And why would he want to marry you?)"


Squeeze a little afternoon delight into your wedding day

My husband and I deliberately planned about three hours between the wedding and dinner so that we could have our pictures taken without feeling rushed. After the pictures were done, we still had about forty-five minutes before dinner. So we went back to our hotel room to relax and ended up having some pretty great post-wedding sex.


Morning after photos: the trend that totally isn't

Oh lord. The internet has its panties in a wad with yet another OMG SHOCKING!! wedding trend. This time it's "Morning after" photos, where a photographer comes to the wedding suite the morning after the wedding and takes pictures of you and your honey looking all sexy with your fuck-nest hair and tousled sheets. It's a cute enough concept (especially if you're poly and need some sexy shots for your couples-seeking personals ad) but bitches, we need to talk: this is not actually a trend.