Beth & Jay's sunflower, kid-friendly, 40-something wedding

When asked what made her wedding offbeat, Beth said, "What, being gray and bald isn't offbeat enough in our pretty young bride magazine world?" I say that anyone who rocks who they are and where they're at in their life at their wedding (or in general) is just plain awesome. Beth and Jay did, in fact, rock their kid-friendly, 40-something second wedding. It included a traditional service featuring Beth's kids as the wedding party, sunflowers, and lots of DIY details.


Planning my second wedding: funny how what was important the last time isn't this time

I'm engaged and planning for my second wedding. I've grown up a bit and now know more about who I am. Plus, I have the right guy as the groom. This time around, I'm not at all concerned with how things are "supposed" to be done. There is no "book" and I'm not going to please everyone else. We are spending time, energy, and money on the things that are most important to my H2B and me, things that are uniquely us, and things we will remember.