How divorce has positively affected my wedding planning

My parents and my future husband are all divorced. And this is probably going to sound like a really odd, coming from someone planning her first, and hopefully only wedding. But I wanted to share some thoughts I had on how divorce has, in fact, positively affected my wedding planning process.


Adrienne & Dennis' week-long non-resort wedding in Mexico

This bride proposed to her groom in their favorite hotel courtyard in Playa del Carmen, and one year later they were married in that same courtyard! But this time they were surrounded by 65 of their nearest and dearest for some dancing, pool lounging, and tequila drinking.


6 things I learned from my first wedding to Mr. Wrong

This post comes out of some latent angst over my first "to do," and the guy I "to do"-ed with. The good thing about a second marriage is that a lot of people are keeping out of it. 🙂 Am I saying that I'm an expert? No. I'm just posting from a "been there done that and I'm avoiding that now at all costs" perspective.


Lisa & Carlos' runaway Hawaiian elopement wedding

When potential guests start a-bickerin' about the wedding, sometimes it means it's time to make a quick getaway and elope to Hawaii. And that's exactly what these two did. They grabbed a friend and a photographer and spent their ceremony basking in the ocean breezes of Waikiki Beach. And voila: built-in honeymoon.


OPEN THREAD: Is keeping my ex-husband's last name disrespectful to my fiance?

I feel greatly conflicted. At this stage in my life, I resent the burden of having to change my name (again) when men have the privilege of bypassing this antiquated and gendered tradition. As a woman, why must this "choice" be thrust upon me and why must I face judgment from others? How do I respond to others who feel that retaining my current last name is disrespectful to my fiance?