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For some of us, our first weddings were traditional, and so when we’re getting married for a second time, we want to go nontraditional. This archive is full of inspiration and ideas for second weddings… readings, real weddings, and more. Also, be sure you check out our blended family archive.

Learning to prioritize your own needs: Relationship advice from a divorced & remarried Offbeat Bride

Let’s talk about laundry, that Sisyphean task that we all tend to have differing opinions about. (What makes a proper load? How do you fold? Is ironing required? Does anything really have to be hand washed?)

You and your person don’t agree about laundry, but what do you do?

When the bride’s in a black wedding dress with bridesmaids in white!

Have you ever asked yourself it’s ok for bridesmaids to wear white? Ever wondered what it might look like to see a bride in a black wedding dress and the bridesmaids in white? Get yourself ready, because Mari & Anthony’s wedding is about to answer all these questions in the affirmative!

Borrow this sweet blended family wedding vow idea

When my husband Ryan and I eloped to Audubon Park in NOLA in June of 2019, my daughter is Rebecca was included in our wedding party — and even in our vows! Here’s the blended family vows wording we used in our ceremony

This blended family non-denominational wedding was COVID-safe and broadcast via ZOOM

I come from a blended family, and there were no second thoughts when my partner disclosed him having two children from a prior marriage to me. When we met, everything settled naturally. Family is truly whoever you want it to be — I believe this whole-heartedly.

Wedding vows for a second marriage

Lauren and Chris got married South Africa, and had the perfect vows for a second marriage.

Not afraid of your scars: Wedding ceremony readings for second marriages

We’re familiar with planning second weddings in these parts (our own Megan is doing it right now!), and let me tell you, it’s not easy finding wedding readings for second weddings. Let’s find you some awesome readings, poems, and song lyrics for your second marriage.