An intimate bucket list wedding planned in two weeks after a cancer diagnosis

My husband died seven months after our wedding. The most important lesson I learned from our wedding is that when it really comes down to it, your marriage is more important than your wedding.

What I want to share with other Offbeat Bride readers is that if you are lucky enough to have found someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with, the rest of details don’t really matter.


Velvet, faux fur, and waterfalls at this Franklin Falls wintry elopement inspiration

If there's ever a place that deserves to be photographed with lush flowers, faux furs, and black lace, it's Franklin Falls, about 50 miles east of Seattle with waterfalls, hiking routes, and tons of greenery. This wintry elopement inspiration shoot featured burgundy velvet, Jon Snow-worthy furs, jagged icicles, and a roaring waterfall.

It was a three-mile walk to the area, but the breathtaking views are most definitely worth it. Go see for yourself and let me know how much you pine for that black gown…

Our Seattle wedding photography bestie Jenny GG is at the top of her game (and has a discount for you!)

In an industry where you never know what you're going to get, choosing a wedding vendor can be downright scary. But when your chosen Seattle wedding photographer has been Offbeat Bride endorsed since the dawn of its existence, so oozing in talent and amazing personality, and a firebrand for inclusivity and positivity? THAT'S when you'll feel downright thrilled with your vendor choice. Who is this photographer of whom I speak? Why it's none other than our dear friend, Jenny GG!

Want to swoon over your wedding photos? This Seattle-based wedding photographer is your match (especially for small weddings!)

Seattle-area couples: we have met your wedding photographer match. As soon as we connected with Seattle-based wedding photographer Krista Welch, we were totally drawn in to her super friendly demeanor, infectious charm, and of course, her STELLAR portfolio. She's got chops, y'all.

Let's meet Krista, see what she's all about, and why she'll deliver guh-mazing photos of your wedding day…


Dreaming of a Wai-Ching dress? It's SO in reach (with a new website, extended hours, and tons of ways to customize!)

I can't think of a dress vendor who has been our ride-or-die partner as long as Wai-Ching has. These dresses have been a STAPLE of Offbeat Bride readers since we got our start in 2007. I can't imagine having more faith in a dress maker and business than Chrissy Wai-Ching's Seattle-based dress business.

We've long been drooling over her hand-created sustainable wedding wear and distinctive custom dresses in silk, hemp, and other natural fibers. Here's why we continue to cheer on this amazing artisan and ogle every Wai-Ching dress that crosses our path…