Fiona & Tom's rustic wedding with cocktails, pom-poms, and desserts

You want to see something lovely and kilt-filled and pom-pommy? Hell yes you do. This Scottish wedding ticks all the boxes when it comes to overloading on sweetness (in decor, cute dances, and in desserts!). Step into these gorgeous stables and experience a last-minute ceremony turned into a very awesome "homework" assignment that made their day.


Meaghan & Stuart's book-loving dual wedding in California and Scotland

A glossary program, library book ring holder, author table names, and a big old stack of books made out of cake — we LOVE book week! This wedding is a double dose of awesome with a ceremony and reception at a California vineyard and a second reception in Glasgow, Scotland! We're glad a book kept these two together so we could see this wedding!


Elle & Bear's Welsh and Scottish clifftop wedding

This pair wanted to celebrate their faith, their family tartans, and their EPIC Scottish clifftop scenery. They had handmade tush cushions for sitting on the rocks, kilts and tails, and a really good way to mingle AND thank you guests after the ceremony. Plus, you'll love the way they handled some objections to their wedding planning choices.


From Offbeat Lite to offbeat wedding photographer: Dallas' Mary Cyrus

Our sponsor Mary Cyrus is a wedding photographer for offbeat couples in Dallas, Texas and beyond. Mary Cyrus particularly loves working with couples from Offbeat Bride, because she was half of one such couple while planning her own offbeat wedding. From Offbeat Lite to offbeat wedding photographer with a special treat for our readers — Mary Cyrus is gonna' rock your wedding, no matter where it is…

Celebrate Christmas, help Syria, and win a free photo shoot from Edinburgh's Lauren McGlynn

You've heard me gush about the incredible wedding photography talent that is our sponsor Lauren McGlynn. This time when we catch up with our Edinburgh-based wedding photographer friend, we're going to be doing something different… telling you all about her Christmas advent calendar blogging project that raises money for Syrian refugees. There are also prizes involved, including the chance to win a two hour photo shoot of your choice!


Krista & Colin's multicultural punk island elopement

Islands views, backgrounds and cultures, WWII history, and their sweet dog named Thor — these are things that make this couple tick. And since both had very different kinds of weddings before, this one only going to be about their love and the meanings behind it. Cue the Scottish island elopement with ink, a mohawk, and lots of ceremonial traditions.