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Becky & Aaron’s nerdtastic offbeat lite robot wedding

Offbeat lite incorporating robots, an iPhone cake, light sabers, and motherboards is exactly what these two are all about — geeky, awesome, and true to themselves. You’ll love all the robot details and beaker centerpieces.

Nadia & Dale’s wookiee boogie Star Wars wedding

A screaming R2-D2 ring bearer, a bearded Leia, cave duels, and ritual sacrifice of delicious Jabba the Hutt. The force is strong with this wedding.

My retro-futuristic chuppah

Our chuppah’s design was inspired by the Jetsons cartoons, 50s-era “googie” architecture like the Theme Building at LAX, and movies like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

Stacy & Mike’s nerdy after-the-legal-wedding party

Stacey & Mike had a post-legal-wedding handfasting. Stacey had her mom, whom she described as her best friend, be one of her bridesmaids and she wore a beautiful long red dress.

Ginny & Rob’s no-budget, desert canyon, sci-fi wedding party

Did you jaw totally drop when you saw a sneak peak of Ginny & Rob’s amazing red rock wedding last week? Perhaps it was the freakin’ full-size TARDIS that blew your gourd? Or maybe your a fan from way back when we featured her Star Wars poster STDs? All I can say is that this wedding is awesome and proves that you and/or your event can be nerdy and incredibly gorgeous. – Becc

12 deliciously geeky wedding cakes

You may or may not know that I’m a total dork, even Ariel attested to that fact during her last book reading. So every now and then when we get geeky wedding submitted to us, or when someone submits their photos to the Flickr pool, I get SUPER excited when I see really geeky cakes. Please to enjoy some of my favorites.