Sophiya & Delphine's French/Indian garden soirée wedding

These two were born and raised in two completely different parts of the world, don't belong to the same race, speak the same languages, or share the same culture. France-meets-India by way of New York all the way to Montreal where these two ladies marry in garden with a lounge-style reception and a menu that would give other menus a run for their money.


A colorful and elaborate Indian and American fusion wedding

This is a wedding in two parts celebrating two cultures combining. You don't want to miss the ultra-colorful saris, the fluffy red reception dress, the henna (that took 11 hours!), the giant pillow cake, and the sweet first look. So much to see, it's like sensory overload in the best way possible.


Bright colors and straight-forward photography deals from the Bay Area's Funny Bunny Photography

Natalie is the Bay Area photographer with the awesome name: Funny Bunny Photography. Funny Bunny is all about photojournalistic images full of fun, and vivid colors. A lot of her work has been documenting Punjabi, Indian, or Muslim weddings (wait until you see the wedding saris and henna, omg.)

But what's really going to tickle you about Funny Bunny is her straight-forward pricing and her two special deals for Offbeat Bride readers.


Karen & Jennifer's queer Hindu and vintage fashion wedding

While these two ladies had only expected a tiny ceremony, their friends and neighbors hijacked the day with the local media and well-wishers, a giant balloon arch, and a champagne lunch. Their son added some major adorable points with his violin, and one of their witnesses had me in tears with her infectious sobbing. Guh. I've never seen so many huge, permanent smiles.


An opulent multi-day HinJew wedding

When we were sent this San Francisco wedding, I was gobsmacked first by its amazingness and second by its enormity! There is so much to absorb here. It was lovingly dubbed by the party as the "HinJew" wedding since bride Ruchira is Indian and groom Dave is Jewish! You have to see all the facets of the multi-day celebration including the performances, the decor, and the insanely huge hora!