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Lesbian wedding after 20 years as seen on @offbeatbride

Two ladies finally celebrate 20 years with a garden wedding in Utah

The Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City was the garden backdrop to this “big gay wedding.” They included their three children into all aspects of the day with movie soundtracks, a kids’ table, glow sticks, and more. Other highlights included their gourmet grilled cheese bar, ice sculptures (with the couple as Minions!), a LEGO cake for the kids, a cake inspired by album cover art, and loads of succulents.

Latin American wedding as seen on @offbeatbride

A Latin American fiesta wedding with tap dancing, cacti, tequila carts, and opera singing

Just going to lay all this out there: authentic Mexican fare, a mother/daughter tap dance, El Salvadoran wedding traditions, a live jazz band, opera singing by a bridesmaid, poetry, homemade cacti can centerpieces, a tequila cart making rounds around the dance floor, and the groom even drew portraits of their cat which were featured on the wedding invitations. YAS.

Lenore & Daniel’s Mormon, blended family, backyard wedding

These creative, artsy Mormons planned a colorful backyard wedding in only a month! With a vintage dress, thrift store decor, and three enthusiastic kids, there was no end to the fun. Plus, you’ll love their 1950s-meets-modern day family video invitation!

Our semi-offbeat mostly Mormon wedding

As a tween, Kynslie decided she’d never get married and signed a contract with her dad saying that if she did marry, her dad could punch the groom in the nose. Up until the last minute, she still wasn’t sure if he’d do it or not …

Rebecca & Kain Kaare’s vintage, camp ground, tea party wedding

We were on a very tight budget and ended up spending only $3000 including our wedding clothes, rings, and the honeymoon. We had the wedding party at a campground to save cash. For food, I made alot myself but also got sandwiches from Jimmy Johns because it’s my favorite food. Kaare drew the design for our wedding invitation so we were able to make those ourselves.

We went with an eclectic look; clashing bright colors (mostly orange and paisley), bowls of skittles mingled with tea cups, and cupcake stands we made ourselves out of vintage plates. We also included my husband’s heritage by having a traditional Norwegian wedding cake in addition to the cupcakes.

Amber’s two weddings — one pagan handfasting, one all-American BBQ

In Offbeat Bride, I talk about the concept of having two weddings — this couple took that concept to the extreme! Opposites really do attract — and get married.