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Valerie & Buz’s San Francisco speakeasy cocktail party wedding

A wedding in an authentic nightclub dating back to Prohibition is the PERFECT place for a speakeasy-themed party featuring peacock details, a little burlesque, live music, and a to-die-for corseted gown. Check out this vintage-style wedding, but beware the ill-fated salt ceremony!

Mirka & Tony’s salty ‘n’ sweet tropical fiesta wedding

If you’re planning a destination wedding, this couple has tons of advice. They also have tons of ’50s style that somehow blends seamlessly into the beaches of Puerto Rico. Check out this tropical/vintage fusion complete with sand and salt.

Kari & Rich’s handmade steampunk winter wedding

This cosplay pair met as pirates and wed as steampunks. The groom nearly didn’t make the ceremony, but his mad heel clicking in top hat and tails made up for it.

From sand to science: 14 unity ceremonies to symbolize your new partnership

A friend recently asked me for some unity ceremony ideas. She already knew about sand ceremonies, but she wanted some different suggestions to symbolize the uniting and the blending of two people (or families). Here’s my comprehensive roundup of unity ceremony options.

The Salt Covenant: An alternative unity ceremony + wedding gift from Centered Ceramics

Centered Ceramics is bringing back the symbolic ceremonial exchange of salt with their raku-fired salt eggs. What does an egg have to do with salt? What does salt have to do with marriage and how can you possibly get one of these for free? Keep reading to get the answers to all these questions and more…