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Jennifer & Steve’s muddy race to matrimony

Not everyone dreams of slogging for seven miles of muddy obstacle terrain in a big dress on their wedding day, but this bride knew it would be a bad-ass memory. She and her groom trekked the Super Spartan Race for 7.1 miles in their heavy, hot finery, to end on a romantic ceremony covered head-to-toe in mud. Ah, dirty dirty love.

Cassie & Ryan’s starting line running wedding

These two met at a running race a year before their wedding, and celebrated by running that same race again on their wedding day (planned in only seven weeks!). And the best part is that it’s a running-themed wedding to match. Put on your running shoes and check out the start and finish line banner decor, funny aisle signs, and of course… the Rocky theme! But just wait until you see the prank the groom played on the bride involving mouth wash!

Save your race numbers and use them as your table numbers

Are you and your partner avid runners? Take inspiration from Offbeat Brides Kaitlin and her wife: start saving your race numbers and use them as your table numbers.

Big production proposals and being true to you

Like so many of you here on Offbeat Bride, I was never one of those girls who dreamed about what her wedding would be like. I never dreamed about getting married in a big white dress and having children and buying a home. My partner G knew this about me and was fine that I had no pointed interest in getting a ring on my finger on any sort of timeline. I’d said that many times over the first couple years together and one of the sweetest things he ever said was, “Well, if I thought you wanted to get married I would have asked you a long time ago. If you ever change your mind you’ll have ask me. So after nearly six years together I did just that.

Glide through your wedding day like an athlete

Glide through your wedding day like an athlete

We’ve got a great tip to keep everything “running smoothly” and save your tender parts from the chaffing of a big day of celebration. Protect your thighs, your feet, and all your other parts by prepping like an athlete. See how a little bit of grease-less, hands-free anti-chaffing can help you glide through your wedding day.