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Everything you need to know about wedding rsvp cards, plus email RSVPs, how to get guests to RSVP on time, and how to deal when someone you didn’t invite to your wedding RSVPs that they’re going to come!

I can haz LOL Cat RSVP?

Tribesmaid Erika Fawcett may have made a strategic error with the RSVP cards… Her mother-in-law phoned when she received the wedding invitation to tell her that she doesn’t want to send the RSVP back… because it’s too cute. Now she’s worried this will be a trend. And I think she haz every right to be […]

Jennifer & Kevin’s Marriage Mayhem

Remember a year ago when Ariel introduced you to this adorable bike riding couple? Yeah, well a here’s all details… a month after their first anniversary! The Offbeat Bride: Jennifer, Theatre Manager (and OBT member “Jennifer“) Her Offbeat Partner: Kevin, Microsoft Solution Architect Location & date of wedding: Wellington Barn, Wiltshire, UK — 19th July […]

Our $2000 Summer Camp Wedding

We started the wedding planning process by declaring a strict and modest budget: $2,000 to be exact. We wanted our wedding to be about sincerity, authenticity, connection, and a celebration and proclamation of love and commitment. We didn’t want it to be about monogrammed napkins and excessive amounts of fondant. In all honesty, we didn’t want to let our wedding overshadow our relationship (and we needed to save money for the house we planned to buy four days after our wedding).