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Everything you need to know about wedding rsvp cards, plus email RSVPs, how to get guests to RSVP on time, and how to deal when someone you didn’t invite to your wedding RSVPs that they’re going to come!

The big list of wedding planning apps Part II: RSVP and wedding website apps

We’ve been talking about the latest wedding planning apps that are taking over for a big planning binder. In part one, we talked specifically about inspiration and collaboration tools. This time around, we’ll be hitting the big players in RSVP and wedding website apps that make dispersing information and collecting RSVPs much easier. Blanket warning: watch out for gendered language and more “traditional” options than we’re used to around these parts.

How to use Google Docs to create an online wedding RSVP tool

Many wedding website or paperless invitation services offer a built-in RSVP tool, which is fabulous. However, if you’re looking for a free DIY option, look no further than the much-lauded Google Docs, which offers an easy and efficient way of creating an online RSVP tool using Google Forms.

Timey wimey timeline advice: when to send out your invitations and save-the-dates

When to send out your invitations and save-the-dates

You’ve got your date, you’ve probably got your venue, and now you’ve got to let everyone know about it. That’s where your invitations and save-the-dates come into play. Whether you’re opting for more traditional mailed invitations or saving a tree with some emailed invites, here are some rough guidelines for when to send your wedding invitations and save-the-dates.

Poop it out: How to deal when guests bail the night before your wedding

“The evening before my wedding, three guests cancelled via text. I was pretty gutted as there didn’t seem to be any reasoning behind them cancelling. Obviously if it was something really important behind them cancelling, I would be so understanding — but they didn’t really give a valid reason.

I’m a bit sad that they didn’t come and I’m not sure what to say when I see them next.”

3 ways to chase down RSVPs from lazy guests

I’m five weeks out from my wedding, and I’m still missing about 30% of my RSVPs. We won’t get into why it’s so hard for people to send in a pre-addressed stamped card, send an email, type out a text, or make a phone call, but we all know it is. Lucky for you, I’ve learned a couple of things in the process of thinking about how to chase people down…

Use a Sonic Screwdriver to keep track of your RSVPs

So, here’s my secret: Get yourself a UV pen. Because if you’re like me, the idea of a list is great but, you don’t want an ugly number making up all your beautiful invitations.