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We are full-on nerding out over these custom toasting flutes, glasses, and geektastic gifts

We are nerding out over these custom toasting flutes, glasses, and geektastic gifts

We got super lucky and stumbled upon Glass Cannons via this wedding we featured. I basically went googly-eyed when I spied the etched glasses paying homage to their favorite fandoms (read: Magic the Gathering!).

They’ve got toasting flutes, shot glasses, and quirky drinkware galore. And if you have an idea in mind for glasses that mach your wedding theme, they’ll absolutely do a custom set for you…

How being a gamer helps me win at wedding planning

My love of games came in handy when I was getting incredibly frustrated at wedding centrepieces. I got so miffed that I just had to put everything down and play some Dragon Age: Inquisition (killing some dragons will make me feel better about this!). That’s when I realised: I could gamify my wedding planning.

Faye & Mike’s pagan LARPing gamer nerds wedding

These LARPing, role-playing cuties wanted a Renaissance Faire wedding, but had to swap to a venue that was closer to the airport for out-of-towners. But they still totally rocked their Ren Faire flair with dragon goblets, fantasy-themed tables, D20 candy favors, and a foam sword arch (that totally surprised the groom!). Come all ye who seek fantasy and mischief! Just make sure you read their biggest challenge — it’ll put everything into perspective.

Kat & Scott’s gamer geek gathering (with a side of wedding)

This pair knows how to play to their audience: board games, Rock Band, and gamer references all over this joint. They even have D6 cake pops! You’ll also love the sweet ending to the tale of a nervous brother and his ring warming duty. This is one kick-ass geekfest for gamers and those who love them.

Joyful jumping, kilted men, and the starriest night ever

Offbeat Vendor [vendor-heart link=""]Lakshal Perera[/vendor-heart] caught this almost unreal photo at Warren and Shirley’s wedding of the night sky in Deniliquin, New South Wales, Australia. He said of the shot, “As a young child, all I dreamed about was being an astronaut. As an adult, all I dream about is being a wedding photographer. Yesterday, both things came together for one brief moment.” What a way to start the week.

Catherine & Paul’s crafty and nerdy science museum wedding

A little crafty, a little nerdy, and a whole lot of lovingly-crafted wedding goodness. We’ve featured bits and bobs from this wedding, and now we’ve finally gotten the full story including the ribbon wands, paper cranes, cotton candy(!), and lucky horseshoes.