Gears, skulls, and bikes: Odd Lot Weddings has your wedding invitations

I'm excited about our newest sponsor Odd Lot Weddings because these invites hit the mark with so many of y'alls favorite things. Julie, the designer and owner of Odd Lot Weddings, creates awesome wedding invites specializing in Day of the Dead, rockabilly, goth, and steampunk aesthetics. But if any of those styles don't resonate with you, she also offers custom design services… and she's got work-arounds for the budget-minded.


Megan & Chris' summer carnival wedding with rockabilly style

This pair had a small wedding with BIG personality: a carnival-themed wedding with retro rockabilly style. There are lots of DIY projects to ogle, including the bride's brooch bouquet, crochet bouquets, button bouquets (so much bouquet love!), a colorful candy buffet, and circus-style banners. Step right up and feast your eyes on the spectacle!


Crystal & Denny's rockabilly red and turquoise wedding

If falling in love is like owning a dog, these two took the leash and ran with it. Their ceremony honored their love for each other and their beloved pets. Their rockabilly sensibilities, with a Hard Rock Cafe backdrop, made for a very musically-inspired event, complete with guestbook guitar and fab playlist. All that, and an amazing red dress — wait til you see what's under it!


A rockabilly glam Aussie wedding with a little burlesque

Jacinta and Dylan, two Aussies, got hitched in a Castlemaine bar decked out in their chosen lush decor. Jacinta wore a handmade silvery mint green dress and Dylan wore paisley and a bow tie. But the best bits were the live band and BURLESQUE performance!


Miss Brache makes wedding and bridesmaids dresses that you'll wear over and over

Diana (pictured above on her wedding day) is a self-described "one lady sweat shop." Based in her home town of Miami, Florida, she cranks out the custom dress gold as our sponsor Miss Brache. Miss Brache is all about custom bridesmaids and wedding dresses in rockabilly and pin-up styles. Let's all gawk over her designs, and talk about how you can get one custom made for YOUR wedding day with a special discount.