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What is it about rockabilly brides in their retro wedding dresses? WE LOVE THEM. Grooms in pompadours? WE CANNOT GET ENOUGH. Rockabilly wedding invitations? WE WANT THEM ALL. You don’t even have to be getting married to love rockabilly dresses… mid-century eye-candy everywhere!

Steph & Mark’s 1950s rockabilly wedding

We love us some rockabilly chic, and this wedding has got the goods. Classic cars, victory rolls, a tattoo-inspired cake, and a handmade black retro dress. Add in the wise-cracking brother who walked the bride down the aisle and some sweet family memorial photos, and you’ve got the recipe for a family-focused good time.

What logistics should I consider for a seated bridal party?

When I stood in my brother’s bridal party I just kept wishing I could see around the maid of honor’s head and I thought “Man, being honored is great and all but I’ve got the worst seat in the house.” Plus, some of our shyer friends might feel more comfortable sitting instead of standing as a part of the show.

I can’t seem to find anything around Offbeat Bride about others with a bridal parted seated around them so I’m wondering how often it’s done and if there are any logistics I should consider.

Edgy, vintage, and completely made-to-order brooch bouquets from Forever After

How much do y’all love brooch bouquets? They’re so sparkly and full of personality. Our sponsor Forever After‘s brooch bouquets is that they incorporate both high-quality brooches and silk flowers so the designs, colors, and themes can exactly match your wedding aesthetics. Check out these offbeat brooch bouquets and make sure to take advantage of Forever After’s special offer…

Robin & Ken’s retro pin-ups and greasers rockabilly wedding

This pair of rockabillies wanted to go all-out with retro style: record place settings, cake centerpieces with tattoo designs, pin-up and greaser stations (for timely coifs!), and a killer band. You have to see what the groom did at the reception to surprise the bride. Let’s just say it involves Elvis. Oh, and I think the groom’s “cake” will appeal to some of you.

Kimberly & Steve’s ’50s retro rockabilly wedding

A 1950s drive-in, a vintage candy buffet, Pink Ladies and T-Birds, and even a little heavy metal — why, it must be greased lighting! And you do not want to miss the major rumble that happened at the ceremony. Let’s just say that it included “the man, the myth, and the legend” and the “baddest Catholic school teacher ever.”

A metal and retro fashion fest wedding

Meggen and Ian are a smokin’ hot couple who do not disappoint with their killer fashion. Oh, and let’s not forget that there are some super sexy bridesmaids dresses on Meggen’s fellow Indie Six salon colleagues. Meggen’s dress was custom-made by Denver designer Bradi MacSleyne, of New Culture. And wait until you hear what song they used for a processional…