Elizabeth & Adam's rock 'n' roll destination beach wedding

Small, affordable, a vacation (and total party!), and all rock 'n' roll? That's a wedding we can handle! Add in a fabulous red and black vintage dress, some first-time parasailing, and some barefoot on the beach vows, and you'll be ready to sink your own feet in this wedding sand. Even a last-minute date change couldn't squash the fun.


Rick & Emma's giant sci-fi rock 'n' roll wedding

This pair brings the house down at their huge wedding with live bands, sci fi details (including an amazing photo booth!), gorgeous music hall venue, and even a Klingon love poem at the ceremony. PLUS, the groom planned the wedding himself and has the battle scars to prove it. Check out this space age dance party in Brooklyn.


Baily & Martyn's DIY rock 'n' roll Halloween wedding

If the costumes, kick-ass handmade dress, and three-legged dog dressed as the Black Knight (sans leg, natch) don't get you, the paper doll-inspired invitation will. And if even that doesn't get you, the officiant holding "Weddings for Dummies" will. And if THAT doesn't get you, just wait until you see the band dressed as brides and the slow-dancing Jay and Silent Bob. It's a smorgasbord of amazingness over here.