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Juliette & David’s rock ‘n’ roll finger foods wedding

Among the skyscrapers of Chicago, this musical pair had an affair to remember with a live band, tasty finger foods, bass case card box, and even a couple of Disney nods. Plus s’mores — don’t forget the s’mores! Check out this urban wedding with a rock twist.

Kerri & Chris’ trick-or-treat Halloween military wedding

A Halloween theme, zombie-themed live band, and a saber arch in one wedding? Hell yes. This rockin’ party had these influences and more, including pumpkin carving, a candy buffet, and real live trick-or-treaters busting in. Even though the bride almost didn’t get her dress in time due to a volcano(!), they still managed to host a kick-ass party, giving us another great wedding for Halloween week.

Theresa & Anderson’s LuvFest 2010 camping music festival wedding

LuvFest 2010 was an amazing homespun music fest featuring live music, lawn games, bonfires, fire dancers, multi-day camping, and a little rain to cool everyone off. That isn’t enough? Oh, there was a wedding too. Love was all around at this festival of killer jams and awesome vows.

DonnaMarie & Ricky’s unholy union and heavy metal cabaret wedding

These metal heads know how to rock. They also know how to make an amazing heavy metal cabaret afterparty on a budget. Board games, ear plugs, lighters, and metal horns were required and provided. Oh, and you’re going to going to freak over the most awesome light-up Ghostbusters cake evar!

Andrea & Angelo’s rock ‘n’ roll, leopard-print, Italian feast wedding

A live band playing rock classics, leopard print to die for, and a smidge of DIY makes this wedding no ordinary love. Traditional Italian? Nope. Awesome Italian? Hell yes.

Alexandria & Christopher’s Rock Band celebration of love

This wedding can be a reminder to all you freaking out about wedding planning. Let’s remember what Ariel said in the book: If you’re married at the end of the night, the wedding was a success.