Shannon & Tim's Neo-Victorian steampunk wedding

After having very traditional first weddings, this couple knew that this time around, the whole shebang was going to be totally personalized. Plus, it's in the form of a steampunk/Neo-Victorian ceremony in a museum followed by an at-home reception with all the nearest and dearest, so we totally approve. You'll go batty over the corset and bird cage "bouquet" too!


Mary & Charles' crafty roller derby tiki wedding

This destination wedding brings a reluctant to fly Midwest family to San Diego for a tiki-meets-roller derby party with cool DIY details like crocheted bouquets. Things get pretty crazy at the reception with an order to drink more booze and a lady in a chicken hat. It also takes a pretty cool bride to admit her mistake in her advice to other Offbeat Brides.


Krista & Rob's colourful relaxed DIYed wedding

This wedding is full of eye candy including mug centerpieces with nesting doll favors, handmade clutch purses for the bridesmaids that matched their colorful shoes, and an adorably accurate custom cake topper on their rainbow dot cake! It was obvious that this wedding would be full of music, dashes of crafty goodness, and lots of love. There are also some key bits of advice in this one, including putting a time limit on your ring warming!


Erin & Matt's crafty music-inspired quirky wedding

There is some serious music loving going on here and it shows in all of the awesome song choices and self-DJing. This pair also loves DIY and specifically knitting, which led them to craft tons of knitted details including their cake topper, bouquets, and hair flowers. And you just might love the bride's gorgeous green gown!


Antonia & Brian's historians combine worlds wedding

These two met at The National Archives, so photos there were required. But after that, it was all about the amazing crocheted red dress, the choreographed dance, the meaningful ceremony rituals, and the awesome song written by the bride's closest friend. Hungarian, British, and Irish influences reigned, but it was all about inclusion at this sweet wedding.