Shana & Leon's bluegrass wedding in the woods

This pair loves hiking, trees, awesome local beer, and good barbecue. What better ingredients are there for a campground wedding under the trees? Oh, maybe the addition of a kick-ass bluegrass band that kept everyone dancing well into the night. With some ceremony accompaniment, an adorable uncle reading poetry, and dogs and kids galore, this was a wedding with a lot of heart.


Cory & Joe's laid-back winter wonderland wedding

This mellow holiday wedding lit the electric menorah and decorated with Christmas trees, featured appearances by a female Elvis impersonator AND a female Santa impersonator, and had a fountain — not of chocolate, but NACHO CHEESE. The ceremony involved compromising on vows, touching readings, and family blessings, and as one small guest put it, some WHOA. Snuggle in for some holiday cheer and peek through this winter wonderland wedding…


Jenni & Loren's simple crafty outdoor relationship celebration

After seven years together, these two were used to working together. Photos in the centerpieces, slides in the crafty boutonnieres, a ribbon wand sendoff, and a great twist on a ring warming are just a few of the gorgeous details. Click on to see how they celebrated the love they'd built over the years with a big dose of teamwork and some good advice.


Kelsea & Henry's Northwest garden party wedding

These free spirits wanted to show off their beloved Northwest scenery and atmosphere. They decided that Whidbey Island would be the perfect locale since both families have connections to the area and it's where the groom proposed! With some greek food, lawn games, tons of community support, and a sweet pre-ceremony ring warming, this wedding is bound to pull some heartstrings.


Andie & Laurie's Vaudevillian queer love extravaganza wedding

This performance-based costume wedding had two men of honor, a best lady, a wedding admiral, a ring master, a banjoist and baladeer, a celebrity Lutheran pastor, a Drag Queen Mistress of Ceremonies (who performed a Barbie rendition of Steel Magnolias), and a Dolly Parton flash mob dance (animated for your pleasure). There's lot of eye candy and some insightful philosophizing too.