Megan & Chris' summer carnival wedding with rockabilly style

This pair had a small wedding with BIG personality: a carnival-themed wedding with retro rockabilly style. There are lots of DIY projects to ogle, including the bride's brooch bouquet, crochet bouquets, button bouquets (so much bouquet love!), a colorful candy buffet, and circus-style banners. Step right up and feast your eyes on the spectacle!


Rita Marie & Sergio's intimate celebration of marriage

Small and intimate weddings are often killer in that they let you focus on what and who really matters to you. This sweet and small wedding encapsulates that sentiment perfectly. They had a pre-wedding ring warming in their hometown in Texas and an eight-person ceremony and reception in San Francisco (which allowed the groom's mom to officiate!).


Magdalena & Jared's Brooklyn brunch-and-bar wedding

To give their guests the Brooklyn experience they love, this couple's going out for brunch, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, having cocktails at their favorite bar, and eating crepes from a food truck wedding was the way to go. Their pebble beach ceremony with a breathtaking view of Manhattan and beautiful wedding walk across the Brooklyn bridge made for some fantastic photos — for them, and for tourists to the Big Apple!


Kate & Micah's two families mess with Texas wedding

Two dresses + twenty folks in a Commitment Crew + dance floor debauchery and BBQ bibs = One very Texas wedding. From the flowers in her hair to the fabulous map of where all the guests had traveled from to share the weekend wedding, to the chalkboard menu of amazing Tex-Mex masterpieces, the personal touches in this wedding are some serious eye-candy. Come get your groove on with this self-DJed partay!