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We’ve featured dozens of ring tattoo ideas over the years, featuring initials, symbols, and other imagery that was important to the couple. We’ve even featured weddings where people got wedding ring tattoos at the altar!

Where can I find non-conductive wedding rings?

“I’m having difficulty finding rings that are NON-CONDUCTIVE! My electrician boyfriend can’t wear a metal band because of the safety risk at work. As much as I love tattoos, he won’t do it, so I’ve been looking for anything that we can use that won’t fall apart. Any thoughts?”

Gina & Frank’s circus-freak, carnival wedding and sideshow

Gina & Frank showed their life long commitment to each other by getting ring tattoos during their ceremony! This fit in perfectly with their tattoo-filled, circus side-show themed wedding.

The wonderful world of wedding ring tattoos

Love the idea of wedding rings but hate to wear them? Enter the wonderful world of wedding ring tattoos!

No, he doesn’t wear a ring

Where-in Megan gets outraged by a close-minded tweet and defends her position on why her husband doesn’t wear a ring and why it’s really okay.

NO RINGS: how can I make no ring wedding ceremony?

To help me answer this question, I decided to pull on the expertise of two wedding officiants — my parents! They’re both Internet-ordained ministers, and between the two of them they’ve married dozens of people, often helping couple craft their ceremonies from scratch. They have different styles of officiating, though, so may I present to you the first edition of DUELING OFFICIANTS!