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ring bear

We first featured a ring bearer dressed up as a ring BEAR back in 2010, and since then the idea has spread like wildfire (even appearing on “How I Met Your Mother” in 2014). We adore the concept, and have tons of ideas and inspiration for you if you’re thinking of having your own ring bear at your wedding.

Helen & Steve’s laid-back Hobbity pinwheel wedding

This wedding has piles of rainbows, pinwheels, board games, and s’mores fixings. Also, the most adorable ring-bears — complete with fuzzy bow ties! And wait till you see how the groom’s vows surprised the Offbeat Bride (hint: backup vocalists helped)!

Emily & Kyle’s cupcakes, kilts, and robots rainbow wedding

The ring bear boogied down the aisle towards a wedding party in an explosion of rainbow colors, wigs, crinoline, and kilts. This wedding will make all your surroundings look super bland today by comparison. Get ready for major color love.

Leopard dresses, rainbow wigs, and ring bears — oh my!

A bridal party in different leopard wiggle dresses and rainbow wigs. A bride in a sparkly corset with awesome hair. A groom in a kilt and a Ring Bear too boot!? Break out your drool rags because here’s a sneak peak of Emily and Kyle’s wedding.

Kari & Rich’s handmade steampunk winter wedding

This cosplay pair met as pirates and wed as steampunks. The groom nearly didn’t make the ceremony, but his mad heel clicking in top hat and tails made up for it.

Vanessa & Derek’s geeky vintage bear-y jokester wedding

Everyone likes a bride in a cake hat and a groom in Chuck Taylors. And if their vows don’t make your weep, you’re a robot from outer space. Wanna know where the wild things are? This wedding.

From Legos to the four-legged: ring pillow alternatives from offbeat brides

Offbeat Brides have had some really creative ideas when it comes to ways to hold/present/keep there rings safe — far beyond just a little satin pillow.