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Don’t get us wrong: we love rings and have archives dedicated to engagement rings, eco-friendly rings, non-diamond rings, and ring tattoos! Oh and der: don’t forget about our Vendor Guide listing of alternative wedding rings and jewelry. BUT! Sometimes you don’t want a ring at all. For those of you skipping rings completely, this is the spot for you…

Make a succulent statement with these living succulent jewelry pieces

I was cruisin’ Etsy, minding my own shopping business, when BAM! I set eyes on the coolest wedding accessories I’ve ever seen before: living succulent jewelry pieces! From rings to necklaces, you’re going to want to consider these succulent AF statement pieces…

Custom engagement rings with or WITHOUT the ring from Ethical Jewellery Australia

Our sponsor Ethical Jewellery Australia specializes in custom engagement and wedding rings, made with ethically-sourced and processed diamonds, coloured gemstones, and recycled metals. Which we all freaking LOVE. (Seriously, wait until you see all their gorgeous and creative settings.) But what they also offer is the perfect proposal solution for those of you who want to propose with some bling, but have NO CLUE what kind of ring your partner wants to wear for the rest of their freaking life.

Use a sharpie to show where your ring is going

Here’s an amazing idea for those of you who won’t have your rings available on your wedding day. Grab a Sharpie and steal this idea…

Morgan & Ryan’s woodland mythical handfasting wedding

You’ve seen this wedding teased here before, and since then, I’ve been dying to see more of this mythical, fantasy, gnome and fairy-filled Pagan wedding. Read on for all the forest-y details and amazing photos.

Where can I find non-conductive wedding rings?

“I’m having difficulty finding rings that are NON-CONDUCTIVE! My electrician boyfriend can’t wear a metal band because of the safety risk at work. As much as I love tattoos, he won’t do it, so I’ve been looking for anything that we can use that won’t fall apart. Any thoughts?”

19 alternative engagement rings perfect for proposing to your offbeat beloved

19 alternative engagement rings perfect for proposing to your offbeat beloved

While Offbeat Brides don’t always follow the wedding conventions, I do notice that lots of offbeat proposals happen during the traditional time, which is between Thanksgiving and New Years. So let’s look at some offbeat engagement rings!