Custom engagement rings with or WITHOUT the ring from Ethical Jewellery Australia

Our sponsor Ethical Jewellery Australia specializes in custom engagement and wedding rings, made with ethically-sourced and processed diamonds, coloured gemstones, and recycled metals. Which we all freaking LOVE. (Seriously, wait until you see all their gorgeous and creative settings.) But what they also offer is the perfect proposal solution for those of you who want to propose with some bling, but have NO CLUE what kind of ring your partner wants to wear for the rest of their freaking life.


Joseph Jewelry wants to help you create custom wedding rings without busting your budget

Last week the d20 engagement ring post got y'all talking about having rings custom made. If you're one of the ones who's been inspired to surprise your sweetie, or treat yourself to custom wedding jewelry, allow me to introduce you to our sponsor Joseph Jewelry. With Joseph Jewelry, you can either work with their jewelers and designers in their store, or online, to create a high-end piece of jewelry made to fit your finger as perfectly as it fits your budget.


Where can I find non-conductive wedding rings?

"I'm having difficulty finding rings that are NON-CONDUCTIVE! My electrician boyfriend can't wear a metal band because of the safety risk at work. As much as I love tattoos, he won't do it, so I've been looking for anything that we can use that won't fall apart. Any thoughts?"