Christa & Auros' elegant gothic Iron Chef wedding

A snazzy restaurant with a famous chef, a fabulous gothic-inspired cake, a red and blue-themed costumed wedding party, and two awesomely gothic people getting married among it all. This wedding has style and a just a little bit of morbid fun for a Halloween vibe.


Amy & Ian's back-home, summertime wedding

The offbeat bride: Amy, high school science teacher (and Tribe member) Her offbeat partner: Ian, high school math teacher Location & date of wedding: Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm, Ottawa…..


Serena & Chris's pirates-meets-renfest forest wedding

Serena & Chris based the the theme of their wedding around what they wanted to wear. Serena didn't want a traditional white dress. She wanted a dark green fairy looking dress and Chris did not want to be stuck in a penguin suit. So they designed their wedding around their ideal outfits.