Kristen & Jet's zombie-infused Elvira-loving NYC Hallowedding

This one is going to be right on the money for you couples planning Halloween weddings right now. We've got two ladies celebrating their favorite holiday, a black ribbon veil, amazing black pumpkin bouquet, and of course, Central Park in New York City! Plus, they had The Reverend D (rad Offbeat Bride vendor) officiate dressed as ELVIRA! And there may have been a wedding crashing zombie in attendance as well.


Nicole & Josh's eco-friendly camping trip wedding

A midweek morning ceremony with a whole week of campout festivities surrounding it? Sounds fab. This couple was on a mission to keep things as eco-friendly as possible and to undertake any and all DIY projects. Was it a success? You'll just have to see for yourself. Here's a hint: hell yes.


Fab dreads, skull flask garters, and a groom in shining armor

Karly and Steve are my new deadlock heroes. Karly's two-tone updo is just gorgeous. This week's reader submissions were full of other amazing shots, too, like skull-patterned flask garters, a groom in shining armor, an air plant bouquet, and a sidewalk chalked save-the-date. All of these submissions are making 2013 start off with a bang.


'Stina & Graham's DIY country ranch wedding

This pair tackled tons of DIY projects, battled some very inconsistent weather, and had to cater a party in the middle of the country. But you'd never know these were even challenges when you see the awesome Mexican catering, the cool ambiance (event producer groom FTW!), and the lovely weather. These photos give off one theme more than any other: FUN.