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5 things Miss Manners hates that I LOVE

I requested the Miss Manners wedding book (published in 2010 — a mere four years ago) this week from my local library. The dilemma of how to address invitations when many of our friends and relations are cohabitating without being married was confusing me, and I figured Miss Manners would have something to say on the topic. She does, of course. She also has thoughts on everything else to do with weddings. I disagree VEHEMENTLY with some of her opinions…

Wedding invitations from vintage to modern styles from Modern Girl Invitations

YAY! More fun wedding invitations to show of from Modern Girl Invitations! We’ve gushed about them before and I can’t wait to show you five more of my favorite colorful invites ranging from their retro vintage looks to their modern wedding invitations.

Colorful and modern wedding invitations from Modern Girl Invitations

I’m kind of a stationary nerd, so I had WAY too much fun looking through all wedding invitations from the aptly named Modern Girl Invitations. We’ve profiled Modern Girl before and now they’re back with more designs (using the same environmentally friendly paper and printing, of course), even more budget friendly AND a special OBB […]