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renaissance fair weddings

This is our collection of renaissance fair weddings, including tons of renaissance fair wedding dresses, ideas, inspiration, advice and more. HUZZAH!

Must-haves for your medieval fantasy wedding

From medieval fantasy outfits to viking accessories to pure period pieces, we’ve put together a few must-have looks for your medieval wedding wardrobe.

A costumed royal Renaissance affair with a sword in the stone cake(!)

Renaissance wedding playlist

Renaissance themed weddings naturally need a Renaissance wedding playlist, but some of the most beautiful wedding music comes from the 1500s to 1700s. From Pachelbel’s “Canon” to saucy madrigals, you can find some awesome music here.

Rainy renaissance downpour wedding… with a prosthetic leg garter removal!

Jenny and Billy got married in 2019 at Scarborough Renaissance Festival. It poured so hard on their wedding day that the venue temporary closed, but these lovebirds were undeterred! Enjoy the purple wedding details, and the truly unique garter removal — Jenny’s prosthetic leg was involved!

GROOM CROWN: for when your groom is a king

In the lead up to our wedding day, my groom Sammy and I sat watching The Witcher. Both of us agreed the king’s crown was cool.

“You should wear a crown at the wedding!” I said, and Sammy laughed.

A New York confectionery wedding with smoke bombs, viking horns, & a haunted paintball field

Tara and Mike decided to do something more industrial-themed for their New York wedding. They brewed large batches of mead (Tara makes the most incredible mead) for their wedding and anniversaries to come.

The day itself was incredible. Think smoke bombs, dinosaurs, haunted hay paintball fields, drinking horns, an epic groom’s cake of Cthulhu rising from the abyss with miniatures, and so much more.

A costumed royal Renaissance affair with a sword in the stone cake(!)

A costumed royal Renaissance affair with a sword in the stone cake(!)

We love attending Renaissance Faires and have always wanted nice Renaissance costumes, so we decided to have a themed wedding. Our wedding was Renaissance-inspired and we encouraged guests to dress on theme as well. Nearly everyone showed up in costume to have a merry time. We even got to reuse our Renaissance outfits the next weekend while attending a Renaissance festival.