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Whether you’re planning your own rehearsal dinner or someone else is taking the reins, here are our tips for planning and executing a stress-free rehearsal dinner.

WTF is a wedding rehearsal? When, where, and how to do your wedding rehearsal

So what is a wedding rehearsal? As a wedding officiant, one of my jobs is helping you get ready for your ceremony, so often I’ll ask, “Are you planning to have a rehearsal?” So, so often what I hear back is, “The dinner is at 7.” So let me clear something up: the rehearsal dinner is called that because it’s the dinner you have AFTER your rehearsal. Let’s talk about what the wedding rehearsal itself actually is.

Why a murder mystery rehearsal dinner is a KILLER idea for a wedding party

Why a murder mystery rehearsal dinner is a KILLER idea for a wedding party

We got this idea from one of the most epic Halloween weddings we’ve featured, Sharon and Kevin’s three-themed gothic wedding. We definitely got caught up in one of their ideas: a murder mystery rehearsal dinner! The best part of getting people into a themed party like this is that it’s going to give guests a reason to talk to one another and let their guards down. Apparently they even kept up the characters after the party! Let’s hear from Sharon on how it went down…

Rehearsal dinner planning tips for feeding, toasting, and mingling fun

The tradition of the groom’s parents hosting the rehearsal dinner is going the way of a lot of traditions: out the door. Some grooms have no parents, sometimes the bride’s parents handle it, sometimes the couples themselves handle it, and sometimes there isn’t a groom in the equation at all. When it comes to offbeat weddings, sometimes they forgo the rehearsal dinner entirely. In this case, we’re going to talk about logistics if you’re planning the rehearsal dinner yourself or want to help those are planning it. Let’s get to the rehearsal dinner planning tips!

How to be the best offbeat wedding guest ever

We’re in the midst of wedding season! We’re guessing that more than a few of you aren’t just planning weddings, you’re ATTENDING weddings. From invitation to after-party, here’s our guide on how to be the best offbeat wedding guest evar…

How many activities am I expected to plan for out-of-town guests?

My fiance and I are getting married in Los Angeles, where we live. But almost all of our wedding guests will be traveling from out of town. What am I expected to plan for out-of-town guests? Would a brunch the day after the wedding be enough? Or should I try to plan activities?

Toasting: why so many people hate this wedding tradition

Sometimes we gossip with our wedding industry vendor friends. We like to get the scoop about things they’re seeing more often at weddings (ring warmings! hand fastings!) and just generally get the insider gossip. And you know what our vendor friends are telling us? That basically, almost everyone hates wedding toasts.