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Here are our favorite alternative wedding registry ideas, including honeymoon registries, charity registries, plus some of our favorite service providers.

My tacky registry: Why I think registry etiquette is bullshit

Sometimes I browse the Knot (I know I KNOW) for etiquette tips about things I’m not sure of (traditional wording on invites, etc) or to get an outside perspective. Talk about a mistake! The last time I did this was to try and get a handle on exactly WHY it is such a breech of etiquette to do anything other than a traditional, scan gun, store registry. I bring this up only to point out my first big issue with “wedding etiquette” and that’s the mistake of thinking that what’s rude is universal. It isn’t.

Let your guests give you amazing memories (instead of just stuff) with Buy Our Honeymoon

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the idea that I could buy a couple a hot rock massage during their honeymoon instead of some pot holders. Honeymoon registries have become a hot trend for this very reason. Our very longtime sponsor, Buy Our Honeymoon, is one of our favorite places to send couples in need of a way to fund their honeymoon.

3 reasons to choose freedom with an open-platform registry at Thankful Registry

How many times have you had to purchase a potholder from a big box registry for a wedding? Do you ever wish you had a little more flexibility to buy the couple something more interesting? You can give your guests that same freedom with an “open-platform” registry. Open-platform means that you can add items from any store, online retailer, gift cards, museum memberships, experiences, or even charities in an online registry they can use at home.

Screw stuff — register for experiences with Traveler’s Joy

If you and your partner more the type that would rather go to China than receive china, then you should check out sponsor Traveler’s Joy — an online honeymoon registry. Here’s how it works…

What’s so awesome about SimpleRegistry? (Hint: iPhones are involved)

Wedding registries — we love ’em! Seriously, what’s not to love? You get to pick your own prezzies and fill your newly wed abode with everything you’ve been desperately needing. But what if what you need can’t be completely registered for at, say, ONE department store? Then you gotta use a service like our sponsor SimpleRegistry –a one-stop cash registry service that enables you to add activities, experiences, and items from any retailer in the world to one easy-to-manage registry page. And here’s four reasons why SimpleRegistry simply (see what I did there?) kicks ass…

Romantic dinner? Hot air balloon ride? Dog sitter? Get what you WANT with Buy Our Honeymoon

Buy Our Honeymoon has been an offbeat sponsor since waaaaaaaaay back in 2008. Hey, that’s AGES ago in internet-years. So it’s time that we checked in with them again, and wouldn’t you know it, they’ve added a bunch of new features and designs!