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red wedding veils

A longtime favorite at retro and rockabilly weddings, we’re starting to see more red wedding veils on all sorts of brides. If you’re into red veils, you may also want to check out our archives dedicated to black wedding veils and other colored veils. Or perhaps our collection of DIY veils?

Bedazzled, colorful, & embellished wedding veils to give you regal unicorn vibes

I love to dive back into wedding veils to see what’s new. This time I decided to look into the realm of colored, bedazzled, and embellished wedding veils and it was so not a disappointment.

This couple recreated their wedding at a multicultural wedding

This couple recreated their wedding at a multicultural East meets West wedding shoot

Shivani and Brett didn’t have that many photos from their wedding, themed “East Meets West.” Photographer Samantha from S Photography helped them take some more photos of this rad couple and their blending of cultures.

This East meets West wedding shoot is a truly gorgeous thing to see…

Marika & Steven’s fun-centric Chinese elopement

Three questions, a tea ceremony, and a sea of gorgeous red details? Yes, please! This couple opted to elope where they’d met and fallen in love, and currently live… China. The short, sweet ceremony left them all day to celebrate together in their coordinated red wedding outfits, complete with matching ear-to-ear grins — and it only cost $1.20.

Don’t let dresses have all the fun: 15 colored veils to steal the show

Over the years I’ve developed a bit of a crush on colored veils. But the problem is… you just don’t see ’em all too often. So here’s “Megan’s tribute to the colored veils I have loved.” We’ve got dramatic reds, daring purples, and understated blues, even some fiery oranges up in this!

Heavy Metal Cabaret wedding

I honestly can’t wait to get ALL the details on DonnaMarie (aka. Tribe member DM) and Ricky’s “Heavy Metal Cabaret” wedding. But photographer Angela Cappetta contacted us with a sneak peak so here’s a little treat for you…

Joanne & Brian’s gothic and glamorous castle wedding

Last Monday, I showed you a couple who had an owl as a ring bearer. That was just a mini preview of Joanne & Brian’s amazing gothic wedding. They blew the budget and totally did it up, with a fantastic gothic reception including disco in the dungeon! -Coco