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Sarah & Jess’s Scottish/Southern/Unitarian Beach Wedding

The Offbeat Bride: Sarah, Hairstylist Her Offbeat Partner: Jess, Baker Location & date of wedding: Friend’s beach house in Southern Shores, NC — October 11, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: We were on an extremely tight budget, so we cut out a lot of traditions that didn’t matter to us. The groom’s family is […]

Handpainted diy wedding shoes

Inspired by a pair of wedding shoes that didn’t fit, Offbeat Bride reader Sophomania mused, “Vegan footwear is not only hard to find but expensive. But hey, I am a crafty bitch! I might as well DIY it!” So she took a pair of cheap non-leather pumps from Pay-Less and painted them freehand. The results […]

Tim & Helen’s colorful, DIY wedding in Bristol

We looked round about 15 wedding venues in the end and didn’t like any of them. We ended up just looking for a large space that we could hire for our wedding instead and we found this old redeveloped paint factory near where we live which is now used as an exhibition space. It seemed like the perfect venue for us as we are both creative types and the mouldy ceilings and large concrete girders were suitably unweddingy enough for our tastes!