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49 wedding shoe photos to make your heart dance (and your mouth water)

From creative photography ideas, to even more creative wedding shoe customization, to the sparkly, or colorful, or comfortable shoes of your wedding dreams! Some of these are so good you could eat them… literally! These wedding shoe photos have got your eyes and feet covered…

Miss L Fire wedding shoes (or just, like, next week shoes)

This week I’m going to take a peek at Miss L Fire shoes, but with this warning: These suckers are pretty limited edition in only limited sizes, so if you like something, you gotta grab them before they go out of stock. Strike quickly, like a cobra that only eats shoes. (And don’t blame me if stuff is already sold out… I tried, guys! I really tried!)

Super cute red wedding shoes to make your toes blush

Don’t let these shoes up top fool you: yes, they’re sort of my favorite rainbow-y style, but this post is actually more focused on straight-up red wedding shoes without the orange and yellow. (I just couldn’t resist sharing these guys… they’re not cheap, but they’re gorgeous!) Red shoes at weddings can be a great way to get a pop of color under a more traditional white gown, or a way to take your already colorful wedding into the stratosphere.

Flats that are intense on styling, but gentle on your feet [Updated for 2022!]

It’s like clockwork: I’ll do a post about heels, and the first comment will be “…but I can’t wear these!” I know, y’all. Believe me, I know. I spent several years in the ’90s selling Birkenstocks for a living, so I SUPER DUPER KNOW. That’s why today I’m going to focus on flats. Sweet, delicious, comfortable flats that are intensely awesome, but won’t hurt your delicate feetsies. And if these 48 pairs aren’t enough? Browse our massive flats archive.

Wide wedding shoes that don’t look (or feel!) like boats

I’m here to round up some awesome shoes for my wide-footed ladies. These are weddings shoes that come in “WW” widths, but still look sassy and faboooo, dahlinks. Because hey: nothing against boats, but sometimes you don’t want your feet to feel like one.

20 pairs of red wedding shoes [UPDATED for 2022!]

Have you guys ever heard that class quote: Red shoes are worn only by small children, clowns, and prostitutes? Offbeat Brides obviously disagree with all these sentiments: did you know that we have seven pages of red shoe posts on Offbeat Bride? SEVEN PAGES, you guys.