Miss L Fire wedding shoes (or just, like, next week shoes)

This week I'm going to take a peek at Miss L Fire shoes, but with this warning: These suckers are pretty limited edition in only limited sizes, so if you like something, you gotta grab them before they go out of stock. Strike quickly, like a cobra that only eats shoes. (And don't blame me if stuff is already sold out… I tried, guys! I really tried!)


Going down the rabbit hole with Ruby Shoo wedding shoes

Ruby Shoo almost reminds me a little bit of Irregular Choice's shoes. We're talking funky and loud, with lots of focus on patterns… but also some frilly little details like bows and flowers. Best? These are all available from Amazon for around $70 – $80. One downside is that sizing seems pretty limited… but with shoes this affordable, you sometimes have to take what you can get.


Super cute red wedding shoes to make your toes blush

Don't let these shoes up top fool you: yes, they're sort of my favorite rainbow-y style, but this post is actually more focused on straight-up red wedding shoes without the orange and yellow. (I just couldn't resist sharing these guys… they're not cheap, but they're gorgeous!) Red shoes at weddings can be a great way to get a pop of color under a more traditional white gown, or a way to take your already colorful wedding into the stratosphere.


MadLibs with offbeat wedding shoes: Let's imagine what weddings go with these shoes…

Every week I round up a few of my favorite shoes, focused on some sort of theme — smaller feet! Rustic chic! Halloween weddings! Sparkles! Etc! This week I'm going to try something a little different.

I'm just going to grab some shoe styles and then imagine what type of Offbeat Bride wedding might go with them. I'll use descriptors from our enormous tag archive… it's sort of like Offbeat Bride MadLibs, but with shoes!


15 heart shoes to give you a heart-on (HAR HAR) on your wedding day

I went and trawling for heart shoes, and found the full range — from loud 'n' proud to understated. Some of these shoes are subtle, with hearts on the soles or heart-shaped buckles. Others of them are more obvious, with their hearts on their sleeves (AARGH! How could I not make that joke?).