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We’ve been obsessing over red wedding dresses since 2007, and have a HUGE archive of red wedding dress pictures from real weddings, plus tons of ideas and inspiration for your own red wedding dress.

Liz & Laurie encourage wedding guests to “Outshine the Bride”

“The ‘Outshine the Bride’ runway show was easily the high point of the reception! We provided gag gifts (a clip-on veil and a bow tie) for the winners of the runway walk-off.”

Wedding cue cards

I love that the groom matched the theme with his red mohawk — but I’m especially smitten by the fact that a groomsman helped the guests by holding up helpful cue cards during the ceremony.

Penaran’s red wedding dress

Obviously I have a thing for red wedding dresses… Photographer Martin Oliver captured a bride named Penaran in a red Ian Stuart dress. I love the rouching of the red train, and the bride’s adorable little cocktail hat! For more shots, keep reading. And thanks to Martin Oliver Weddings for the photos! Check out our […]

Bad-ass red & black wedding

Jane Doe’s UK wedding is a stunner, with the bride’s red dress and the retro bridemaids.

This musical theater couple’s wedding was as show called “Wedding: The Musical”

We wrote and produced Wedding! The Musical and had our friends star in it with us. Not only was there popcorn and commemorative posters sold pre-show along with a mime, during the “show” there was music, dancing, lip synching, a trapeze swing, skits to tell the story of our relationship, and eventually a ceremony complete with a ringleader, fire, and uh, missing rings. We also spent 3 months learning a choreographed swing dance and pretended to get in a huge fight in front of the 225 guests before sailing into said dance.